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In 2011, the Sacyr Vallehermoso Group's construction companies, primarily Sacyr and Somague, have once again demonstrated their top-level technical, operating and commercial capabilities.

These aptitudes have enabled us to build up a construction backlog worth 6,681 million of euros and achieve success in leading international projects. The satisfactory progress of these projects – the Panama Canal being a highlight – bear out the technological strength of the Group's construction area.

The internationalization of the construction business has become a driver that assures future volume even in the face of the tough conditions now prevailing in the Spanish and global economies. At year-end 2011, 77% of the construction business portfolio was located outside of Spain.

The Group, which has been active in the Spanish construction industry through Sacyr since 1986, had the longest order book in the sector at more than 33 months of guaranteed work.

In 2011, both public administrations and agencies (Ministries of Public Works and of the Environment, ADIF, AENA, and organisations belonging to the various regional governments and city councils) and a large number of private clients have entrusted their projects to SyV construction companies, locking in a high level of activity for the Group over the coming years.

In terms of the type of work undertaken, the Group operates in all areas of infrastructure projects (highspeed railway lines, underground train lines, airports, motorways, toll roads, etc.) and is very active in both public and private building construction.

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