Services: Valoriza

Multiservicios: Área de servicio Cafestore en Hernani.

• CAFESTORE provides restaurant and convenience store services in three concession segments: en route restaurant segment, following various business models (tourism, professional and special promotion), hospitals (cafés, shops and catering) and urban transport hub (cafés and franchises). Cafestore ended 2011 with a total of 28 service areas in Spain, four petrol stations under management, and three hospitals in the autonomous community of Madrid. Cafestore's service areas are located on the main traffic corridors of 11 autonomous communities. The company is Spain's third-largest operator in this market.

Sales volume in 2011 was 4% higher than last year, reaching 30 million of euros. This was a considerable achievement given that 2011 was a particularly tough year for the hotel and restaurant industry.

In 2011, Cafestore began operating the following concessions:

Urban segment:

• Burger King (franchise) at the Moncloa transport hub (Madrid)

• Cafestore Moncloa, cafeteria at the Moncloa transport hub (Madrid)

Hospital segment:

• Cafeteria (outpatient hospital area) in addition to the two existing cafeterias at the Hospital Universitario Majadahonda – Puerta de Hierro (Madrid)

En route restaurant segment:

• Hernani service stations (both sides) on AP-8 km 22

• Reopening of the café in Ugaldebieta (Bilbao) (A-8 km 131), which was damaged in 2009