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Planta Termosolar de Lebrija. Jaén

d.- Energy and industry

Valoriza Energía is responsible for the energy and industrial construction activities of the SyV Group, and focuses on developing, carrying out and operating projects in these areas. Valoriza Energía and its subsidiary Iberese have completed more than 85 combined cycle power and renewable energies generation plants for private sector clients, with a total installed capacity of over 900 MW. The company consistently applies the most innovative technical solutions available and seeks out market niches.

Key achievements and contracts won in 2011 included:

• Thermal solar energy: Through its subsidiary Solucia, the Lebrija I thermal solar energy plant was brought on stream. Construction of the plant was completed in 2011. The certificates of start-up and registration under the Special Regime were obtained in December. Iberese, a subsidiary of Valoriza Energía, built the power block, thermal fluid transmission units and utilities.

• Cogeneration: In 2011, Valoriza operated six cogeneration plants for drying olive paste. Through its subsidiaries, Valoriza Energía has 117.4 MW of installed cogeneration capacity. Our plants now treat a total of 985,000 tons of olive paste.

• Biomass: Valoriza now has three plants in operation which extract energy value from 250,000 tonnes of biomass to achieve 33.7 MW of power.
A further seven biomass plants in various parts of Spain are under development.

• Wind power: Through its subsidiary, Desarrollos Eólicos Extremeños, Valoriza has been allotted another 174 MW of wind power capacity in Extremadura, in addition to the 64 MW that had already been awarded and that are now under development.

• Iberese, a 100% owned subsidiary of Valoriza Energía, is the Spanish leader in design, construction, and start-up of cogeneration and biomass plants, thermal plants, power infrastructure and industrial construction.

In 2011, Iberese completed the construction of the Lebrija I thermal solar plant and brought it on stream.

Also in 2011, Iberese started operating in the Oíl and Gas segment of the construction sector.

Iberese was shortlisted for tenders for work in the Margarita gas fields in Bolivia and for work to modernise the Pampilla refinery in Peru.