02. About this report

Main stakeholders and definition of report content

The structure and content of this Report were designed to satisfy our principal stakeholders’ needs for information on our business and our performance on the economic, social and environmental fronts as closely and as effectively as possible.

In interpreting the definition of “stakeholder” provided in the GRI guidelines within the context of our organisation, it is clear that there are many groups that in one way or another could be affected by our activities. Likewise, there are many groups that could significantly affect our activities. However, a number of groups stand out as having particularly close links with our company, as evidenced by a combination of the frequency and the potential impact of this possible interdependency. These groups are:

• Employees
• Shareholders
• Customers
• Public entities
• Suppliers and contractors
• Analysts and investors
• Media
• Local communities, NGOs and other members of civil society

To ensure that this list of priority stakeholders is always up-to-date, and to determine those aspects of our organisation that are of particular interest to each group - and that should therefore be covered in this Report – the SyV Group performs a systematic analysis of various sources of information:

• Daily analysis of the press and specialist publications, to track all press references to the SyV Group and the sectors in which it is active, and to monitor trends in the field of corporate responsibility.

• Study of the CR reports of other companies, particularly those that carry out activities in the same sectors as the SyV Group.

• Analysis of comments and contributions received in relation to our responsible management practices and specifically in relation to our Corporate Responsibility Report.

• In its numerous meetings with representatives of the different organisational units of the Group and with the CR Working Group, the CR Department collects information on the various groups with which they interact, and on their opinions and concerns.

• In general, the information received from the wider community via the various channels of dialogue established by the Group for this purpose (as detailed in the section entitled “Channels for stakeholder engagement”) provide invaluable sources of reference that are of great assistance when determining the content of our CR Report.