04. Corporate Responsability in the S&V Group

Channels for engaging stakeholders

The SyV Group is aware of the imperative need to establish dialogue channels to guarantee fluid two-way communication with its stakeholders. It is therefore committed to full transparency in its communications and to establishing mechanisms allowing all stakeholders to express their views and opinions.

Some of the SyV Group’s main channels of dialogue and engagement with stakeholders are as follows:


Portal SyV the Group’s intranet, provides employees with access to a wide variety of content and applications, including:

Information on the organisation (internal regulations, directory, organisational charts, informative notes, corporate responsibly reports, etc.).

A communication section containing, among other items, a daily press summary, press releases issued by the company and a monthly bulletin summarising news on SyV.

“Contactar”, an intranet space through which Group employees can submit comments, questions, suggestions or requests to different mailboxes within the organisation (suggestions, training, R&D+I, green mail box).

A series of themed sites containing information on specific issues (quality and environment, supplies, planning, prevention, R&D+I, technology, etc.).

A specific tool designed to facilitate, streamline and personalise communication between all employees and the Group’s Human Resources Department by giving them new functions and greater information and providing better service overall.

“Dimensión” in-house magazine: Through this quarterly publication, the SyV Group informs employees of the work carried out by the different business units, the main corporate responsibility initiatives, the most salient corporate news, etc.

Conduct Helpline: This is a mechanism whereby staff can confidentially report any irregularities they detect regarding the behaviour of the organisation or its employees. Available through the intranet, e-mail and internal mail.

Shareholders, analysts and investors

General shareholders meeting: This is an excellent forum for interchanging information between company directors and shareholders. At these meetings, directors report on the progress of the company, its profits, and the main milestones reached and planned, while shareholders can request information and clarification and make any comments they deem appropriate.

Annual report: The SyV Group and its listed subsidiaries (Testa) prepare an annual report presenting their financial results and the most important milestones for the development of its businesses achieved in the period.

Interim Consolidated Financial Statements: www.cnmv.es, the Spanish stock exchange regulator’s website, provides detailed six-monthly information on the Group’s financial position.

Quarterly reports: The SyV Group and its listed subsidiaries prepare quarterly reports setting out the most significant operating and financial information for the period, including an interim income statement and a consolidated balance sheet at the quarterly close, a description and analysis of each business area, any resolutions issued by the Boards of Directors, stock market performance and the current shareholding structure.

Annual Corporate Governance Report: In accordance with prevailing legislation, the SyV Group and its listed subsidiaries prepare this annual report providing information on the following: ownership structure, administrative structure, operations with related parties, risk control systems, the annual general meeting, and the degree of compliance with good governance recommendations.

Shareholders’ Newsletter: The quarterly newsletter summarises the most important information on the company’s progress, its financial performance, trends in its business areas, and stock market performance, among other issues.

Websites of the Group and listed subsidiaries: These websites contain all relevant corporate and financial information regarding the performance of the companies, as well as all information made public through different financial and economic reports and communications (annual report, quarterly results, etc.).

Personal assistance: The Investor Relations Department provides shareholders, analysts and investors with a number of direct and personalised contact channels:

Telephone (línea de atención al accionista 902 19 63 60).

Correo electrónico (relacionesinversores@gruposyv.com y accionistas@gruposyv.com).

Meetings: Investor Relations Department personnel meet with stakeholders upon their request.


• Satisfaction surveys: Sacyr Vallehermoso carries out surveys among its customers to ascertain their satisfaction with the products and services acquired, as well as their needs and expectations. Information obtained through these surveys is used as a reference point in ongoing improvement processes.

• Direct dialogue: The Group maintains a close and long-standing relationship with many of its customers, based on ongoing dialogue and close ties. For example, relationships forged with many public entities that require the services of Group companies a number of times and with which Sacyr Vallehermoso has a long history.

• After-Sales Service: Through this channel, the Group deals with any customer complaints that may arise and takes the steps necessary to resolve the situations at the root of such complaints.

Public entities

In addition to regulating the framework in which the Group carries out its activities, public entities are also one of its main customer groups. Consequently, throughout the years a number of channels have been established to guarantee fluid and ongoing dialogue with this stakeholder group. For instance, meetings are held regularly between members of Group management and public representatives, SyV also participates in forums and work groups organised by the public sector and co-hosts special events, among other initiatives.

Suppliers and contractors

The SyV Group establishes cooperative relationships with suppliers and contractors that are based on confidence, transparency of information and shared knowledge, experience and capacities. These relationships aim to achieve common goals and guarantee mutual benefit.


Press releases: Information is released to the media on new developments in the Group’s activity.

>Group website: The SyV Group’s corporate website includes a section for the press and the general public, where the following information is available:

Press releases issued by the Group.

Press dossier containing the most important news stories on the Company published in newspapers and magazines.

Details of press conferences on the Group’s results, corporate operations, etc.

Monthly newsletter containing the main news on the Company.

Subscription-based e-mail newsletter containing important news on Sacyr Vallehermoso.

Photographs of assets and projects in all the Company’s areas of activity

Graphs and charts showing the Group’s key financial indicators

• Personal assistance: SyV makes the following channels available for the media to directly contact the Group Communication Department:

Telephone: 91 545 52 94.

Correo electrónico: comunicacion@gruposyv.com.

Local communities, NGOs and other members of civil society

• Group website: The website contains a wealth of up-to-date information on many aspects of the organisation and is the Group’s main external communication channel.

• Annual Corporate Responsibility Report: Through the publication of this yearly report Sacyr Vallehermoso meets its commitment to report on its performance from a threefold economic, social and environmental perspective (the “triple bottom line”). The report contains a section in which readers are invited to submit any queries, comments or suggestions they may have.

• E-mail boxes: Sacyr Vallehermoso makes two e-mail addresses available to the public, a general email (info@gruposyv. com) and an e-mail address for corporate social responsibility issues (rcorporativa@ gruposyv.com). Any interested party can submit inquiries, opinions, comments, or suggestions to the Group through these channels.