04. Corporate Responsability in the S&V Group

Organisational structure of the Corporate Responsibility function

In recent years, Sacyr Vallehermoso has developed a structure of responsibilities designed to definitively implant a model of responsible management and extend it across all levels of the organisation, with the ultimate aim of making corporate responsibility a central element of all management decisions.

As the company’s highest corporate body, the Board of Directors has primary responsibility for defining, promoting and overseeing the Group’s Corporate Responsibility strategy.

SyV has also established a dedicated Corporate Responsibility Department, which reports directly to the Financial and Corporate Development Director. The main remit of this new department is to implement the CR decisions taken by the Group’s governance and management bodies, provide advice in CR decision making and coordinate the initiatives in this field developed by the various organisational units that make up Sacyr Vallehermoso Group.

In addition, the Group has a Corporate Responsibility Working Group, composed of one representative of each business area and one representative of each of the corporate departments most directly involved in ensuring the Company’s responsible management (Corporate Governance, Human Resources, Internal Audit, Environment, Risk Prevention and R&D+I).

The designated representatives serve as the main point of contact between the CR Department and their respective areas of activity. They attend and exercise decision-making powers at all interdepartmental meetings called to discuss CRrelated issues. Other Group employees may also be invited to attend these meetings, depending on their respective responsibility and the specific requirements of each meeting.