05. The S&V Group Professional Team

Interior de viviendas Abandoibarra. Bilbao

In the current socio-economic climate, human capital is the main competitive advantage available to organisations looking to generate value added in a global market. This notion constitutes the historical point of reference for the various policies implemented by the SyV Group and has enabled us to become one of the fasting growing and developing companies in the European Union and to secure our position as a benchmark in the sector at international as well as national level.

Building on this premise, through effective information management, communicating individual duties and responsibilities and the objectives to be achieved, taking an interest in our employees professional development, wellbeing and work-life balance, we have managed to attract and retain staff that are not only highly qualified but also motivated and committed to our corporate culture and development.

address these challenges and ensure we fulfil our commitments in this area, the Sacyr Vallehermoso Human Resources Department, through its Personnel Administration, Human Resources Development and Selection and Employee Relations Divisions, strives to develop dynamic innovation, training, development and communication policies designed not only to motivate but also to maximise the efficiency of every member of the Group’s workforce.

Description of the workforce

In 2011, the SyV Group’s consolidated average headcount was 20,422 employees . This implies an increase of 1.06% compared to the previous year.

Almost 67% of the total workforce is employed in Spain (66.5%), although the Group also has significant numbers of employees in Portugal, Chili, Angola, Italy, Panama, and other countries.


By business unit, the construction and services divisions have by far the largest number of employees. Between them accounting for 95.57% of the Group’s total headcount.

The increase in employee numbers in the services division has been particularly significant since 2006 a further testament to this business unit’s growth potential.