05. The S&V Group Professional Team

Equal opportunities and Non-discrimination

The SyV Group is committed to managing its human resources strictly on the basis of professional criteria, avoiding all types of discrimination, whether due to race, religion or beliefs, political or trade union views, nationality, language, gender, marital status, age or disability.

Sacyr Vallehermoso strenuously endeavours to ensure that all employees receive equal treatment at all Group companies, and undertakes, as part of its Equal Opportunities Plan, to safeguard the following basic principles:

• Women and men must enjoy equal opportunities in terms of employment, training, promotion and work.

• Men and women must receive equal pay for performing the same tasks under the same conditions.

• The company must ensure the welfare and non-discriminatory treatment of females working for all Group companies.

The Labour Relations Department has appointed an Equality Officer in charge of supporting equality plans and putting in place specific systems for regular monitoring and control.

In addition, SyV has active employment policies with a particular focus on disadvantaged groups such as immigrants and disabled individuals. Some of the main initiatives implemented in 2011 are described below:

• Immigrants: Within the framework of an agreement concluded between the Senegalese authorities and the Spanish Ministry of Employment in 2007, the appraisals and monitoring of the group of Senegalese employees contracted continued in 2011. These appraisals included analysis of both their performance at work and the degree to which they had adjusted to Spanish culture and customs. It should be highlighted that in 2011, 94% of these workers said that they were fully satisfied with their jobs and 61% have had their responsibilities increased since they joined.

• Victims of gender-based violence: Within the framework of an agreement with the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs, in 2012 Sacyr Vallehermoso plans to continue its work to facilitate the work-force integration of this marginalised group. The following table summarises our initiatives in this area.

• Persons with disabilities: In 2011, the average number of employees included in this group rose by 8.14%. At 31 December 2011, they represented 1.9% of the Group’s total workforce in Spain. Sacyr Vallehermoso aims to continue increasing this percentage in the years ahead.

A specific unit has been set up within the Human Resources Department to implement and manage integration projects for disadvantaged groups. This unit assists and advises these groups in their incorporation into the workforce.

In 2011 there were no cases of discrimination reported at any SyV Group company. The company has worked with businesses and contracted services from foundations and special employment centres mainly staffed by people with disabilities.

Sacyr Vallehermoso against gender violence

Under the Gender Violence Eradication Agreement entered into in 2007 with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Sacyr Vallehermoso Group continued to take steps in 2011 along both our vectors of action: raising awareness of gender violence and promoting employment for the victims of gender violence.