05. The S&V Group Professional Team

Freedom of association and labour/management relations

Nuevos Pabellones IFEMA

The SyV Group safeguards the rights of association, union representation and collective bargaining of all its employees, in line with legislation prevailing in each country. In 2011, over 500 employees acted as legal representatives on committees and representatives from various trade unions in the different Group companies.

No company activity jeopardises the fundamental right to freedom of association. Moreover, the company offers employees the possibility – at all Group companies, regardless of location – of directly paying union dues from their salaries, with the company itself transferring payment to the union.

In Spain, 100% of the Group’s workforce is covered by sector collective labour agreements, according to the job performed, and in the rest of the world the relevant local laws and regulations apply. In addition, employees in Group companies with union representation regularly meet with union representatives to ensure that their concerns are addressed.

As established in prevailing legislation, employees may discuss any concerns they have with their representatives. Subsequently, the works councils make these issues known to company management through their regular meetings.

In Group companies where employees have legal representatives, the opinion of representatives is taken into account in any decisions affecting the workforce as a whole, in line with the provisions of the Workers’ Statute. In companies where no such legal representation exists, the Human Resources Department takes into consideration the contributions and suggestions of the employees affected.

In the event of corporate restructuring, the minimum periods of redundancy notice and consultation and negotiation with employees and/or their representatives depends on the specific circumstances of each case. Where possible, these issues will be mutually agreed between the company and employees; otherwise, the organisation will proceed in accordance with prevailing legislation and collective labour agreements.

A highlight of employer-union relations were the agreements on working conditions and occupational risk, which merited special attention.