05. The S&V Group Professional Team

Occupational health and safety (ohs))

UTE La Muela. Valencia

Maximum safety for employees in the performance of their business activities is a priority for the SyV Group. To this end, the Group is committed to providing a safe and stable environment for its employees and constantly updates its occupational health and safety measures. In addition, it fully complies with prevailing legislation in all the countries in which it operates.

The SyV Group has adopted the concept of integrated safety and has established an occupational health and safety policy aimed at improving working conditions and raising the level of protection, health and safety of its employees. In line with prevailing occupational health and safety regulations, preventative initiatives at the SyV Group are carried out using both its own resources and others arranged with an external risk prevention service:

• Joint Prevention Service: This prevention service covers three of the legally-required prevention areas: workplace safety, industrial hygiene and ergonomics and psychosociology. These matters are overseen by qualified specialists performing senior and intermediate level functions on a full-time basis. The Joint Prevention Service is overseen by the Group’s Head of Innovation.

• Support Structure: Basic level technicians, working on a part-time basis at the different work centres, are integrated into the production line and directly oversee the production process.

• External Prevention service: The prevention areas not managed by the Joint Prevention Service, such as workplace medical attention (health monitoring), are currently arranged with an external prevention service. Coordination between the company’s in-house prevention service and the external service is the responsibility of a senior prevention technician employed by the Sacyr Vallehermoso Group.

In 2011 the companies of the SyV Group submitted its OHS management to legal and compliance audits, which it successfully passed.

Certified Health And Safety System

In addition to fully complying with all legal requirements, all Sacyr Vallehermoso Group companies are implementing occupational health and safety management systems certified under OHSAS 18001, the principal international benchmark for occupational health and safety. The system was implemented in 25 Group subsidiaries, eight of which have obtained OHSAS 18001 certification.

In 2011, three new certifications were obtained, bringing the total of over 75% of the Group based on its revenue.

This OHS management system helps to correctly identify, review, manage and improve monitoring of the occupational risks to which Group employees are exposed and to comply with prevailing legislation.

Within the scope of this management system, and as required by OHSAS 18001, Sacyr sets annual targets aimed at constantly improving its occupational risk management. Proposals for 2012 include:

• Achieving an accident rate of less than 5% with respect to the rate achieved last year, and below 50% of the industry average.

• The company’s average number of annual safety inspections must be 3.2 or higher.

Dissemination of the Group’s Health and Safety Policy

SyV Group management considers that maximum occupational safety requires that employees be fully aware of the risks to which they are exposed in their jobs and of the importance of taking adequate preventative measures.

The SyV group therefore encourages all employees to become familiar with the guidelines of the company’s occupational health and safety policy and incorporate them into their work style. To this end, the Group informs employees of the policy and distributes related documentation through training programmes tailored to each functional area and hierarchical level within the company.

Both the Occupational Health and Safety Manual and the general procedures are available to all employees through SyVnet and the PRESYV application. Employees can also use SyVnet to access technical guides, prevention cards and technical notes aimed at preventing occupational risks.

Employee representation in OHS matters

In Spain, 31% of SyV Group employees are represented on health and safety committees. In addition, 5% of the total Group workforce has union representation through prevention officers. Although these officers do not form part of a health and safety committee because the minimum number of employees is not met, they actively participate in health and safety-related issues by periodically attending meetings with company representatives.

The main issues associated with occupational health and safety discussed at meetings between the company and unions, and which have resulted in formal agreements, are set out below:

- Setting up Health and Safety Committees.
- Delivery and clarification of documentation to Prevention Officers.
- Joint review of: Risk assessments, health and safety activity planning and work procedures.
- Drafting and implementing Emergency Plans and evacuation.
- Overseeing employees’ health and medical condition with restrictions.
- Scheduling and teaching of OHS Training courses.
- Review and disclosure of accidents.
- Defining risks in the use of auxiliary measures.
- Condition of hygiene and recreational facilities.
- Signposting of localised risks.
- Installation and review of collective protection systems.
- Adaptation of personal protection equipment.
- Maintenance of work stations.

Results of occupational health and safety management

The SyV Group’s endeavours in the field of occupational health and safety have significantly raised workplace quality, as measured by an internal scoring system that assesses each work centre in relation to the fulfilment of preventive duties.

The occupational accident rate was in line with last year’s figure, remaining at levels still well below the figures released by the Ministry of Labour for the two industries in which we employ the most people.

In 2011, the SyV Group reported one fatality (non-trauma related disease), and also ten cases of work-related illnesses. 0.87% of hours lost as a percentage of hours worked during 2011.

Cooperation with leading OHS agencies

The SyV Group works with a range of organisations specialising in occupational health and safety. This allows the Group to pool information and experiences with other agents, strengthening its management in this field. These organisations include:

• National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (Comisión Nacional de Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo) The SyV Group’s Joint Prevention Unit Head is the member representing the CEOE, the Spanish business federation, in the Construction Working Group of the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission.

• The Madrid Association of Architects and Master Builders: The SyV Group forms part of the Health and Safety Committee of this association, which promotes occupational health and safety initiatives and activities in the construction industry.

• SEOPAN Health and Safety Committee: The Sacyr Vallehermoso Group plays an active role in this committee within the Association of Spanish Construction Companies (SEOPAN), whose mission includes the promotion of compliance with occupational health and safety legislation and the provision of training in this area.

• The Madrid Region Association of Construction Companies (AECOM): Sacyr Vallehermoso is a member of this association, whose objectives include the promotion of occupational health and safety in sector companies.

• Spanish Association of Park and Garden Maintenance Companies (ASEJA): SyV participates in this association through its subsidiary Sufi. ASEJA is currently preparing a training manual for gardening works which includes OHS recommendations.

• Spanish Association of Cleaning Companies (ASELIP): Through its Valoriza Facilities subsidiary, the SyV Group takes part in this association by producing risk prevention handbooks.

• ACEX (the Spanish association of infrastructure maintenance and operation companies), comprising the leading infrastructure maintenance firms, is currently designing an array of statistics for occupational accidents in the industry.

•Construction Industry Labour Foundation: Comprised of the major players in the construction sector, this foundation provides training and promotes the use of appropriate preventative practices.

Contractors and occupational risks

In addition to ensuring the health and safety of its own employees, SyV also takes the appropriate measures to guarantee the safety of subcontracted employees.

To this end, it has specific sub-contractor information, control and monitoring procedures in place, the main objectives of which are:

• To ensure that sub-contracted workers are fully informed about the risks to which they are exposed in their respective jobs and about the applicable protective and preventative measures.

• To ensure that sub-contractors effectively fulfil their responsibilities, taking all necessary measures and providing their employees with the appropriate means to ensure their safety.

In 2011, Sacyr Vallehermoso complied with construction industry subcontracting regulations by limiting the number of levels in the subcontracting chain by using subcontracting records and requiring subcontractors produce evidence of compliance.