05. The S&V Group Professional Team

Recruitment, training and professional development

Aware of the importance of human capital as a creator of value and, by extension, a source of competitive advantage in today’s global market, the SyV Group places particular emphasis on employee development and motivation and uses various management tools, programmes and policies to attract talent and manage the skills of its teams, all with a view to retaining top employees and unlocking their full potential.

For the Group, employing the best professionals in the sector and motivating them and guiding them in their professional development has proved the best way to cement its position as a leading company able to reconcile the interests of its employees with business performance.


The SyV Group recruits employees using transparent, confidential and rigorous procedures to ensure equality and non-discrimination. These procedures include objective tests to exclusively assess the merits, qualifications and skill profile of each candidate in order to optimise the job-person match.

The recruitment process takes into account job position manuals, which describe each position, including the objective, tasks to be performed, required skills profile, training, experience, languages or other types of knowledge or aptitudes necessary to adequately perform the job in question.

Each advertised vacancy is written up on the basis of the relevant job description and an interview with the manager requesting the selection process. This enables us to fit the requested profile to the departmentt in terms of organisational features, headcount, facilities, work procedures, and so forth.

The next step in the process is to interview and assess applicants, followed by a full report on shortlisted candidates. Our recruitment process has been enhanced by the use of an online management application that collects data such as interview appointments, candidates’ CVs and assessment reports. The new app also helps us comply with the Spanish Data Protection Act (LOPD) and manage user access by candidates and recruiters.

Reports are submitted to the manager requiring the new recruit, who ultimately chooses the successful candidate after a second interview.

A highlight this year is the introduction of mandatory language fluency tests for all applicants, and only candidates passing the minimum required level are recruited. The ultimate aim is to align our recruitment process with the Group’s internationalisation strategy.

For our graduate recruitment campaign – with eligible candidates being recent graduates or students in their final year at university – we have entered into more than 50 agreements with universities in Spain and overseas. Industry-university cooperation agreements enable us to recruit graduate trainees to all our Group divisions.

In 2011, we once again attended university Employment Forums, although only for those courses similar to our business. Furthermore, in keeping with our international expansion we cooperated with foreign universities such as Georgetown, organising a Trek in our offices, with company directors taking part.

We also attended forums hosted by leading business schools. Our aim here was to make ourselves known to MBA students with strong track records and language skills from a range of countries (Panama, India, Israel, Libya, Algeria, etc.) where the Group is already working on projects in the construction, concessions, and water utility areas.

All these actions allow us to establish bonds which will enable us to recruit the best candidates (graduates) in the future, in addition to experienced professionals with post-graduate training.