06. Responsability for products and services

Customer health and safety

The SyV Group strives to guarantee the health and safety of the end users of its products and services. The company therefore endeavours to minimise the risks to which users could be exposed, dedicating a significant portion of its quality management system efforts and R&D+I activities to this objective.

Testament to this commitment are the strict controls that Vallehermoso, the Group’s property development subsidiary, performs to ensure that the homes it delivers to customers comply not only with prevailing legislation but also with the rigorous quality standards typical of our industry.

Vallehermoso has developed various tools for this purpose, including construction project control sheets, check lists and specific checklists for controlling on-site noise levels that serve as a guide for the work of all technical personnel and ensure that the end-product delivered complies with the highest-levels of customer safety protection.

Gas, electricity and fire prevention installations, the efficiency of acoustic insulation and air conditioning mechanisms are just some of the specific areas covered by these control tools.

The tools are revised regularly to bring them in line with any legislative changes that may have occurred and to ensure their content is appropriate and up-to-date.