06. Responsability for products and services

Relations with suppliers

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Sacyr Vallehermoso is aware that the quality and performance of its products and services largely depends on the suppliers with which it does business. The Group therefore considers that it is essential to select the right suppliers and to maintain excellent relations with them.

The SyV Group establishes cooperative relationships with suppliers and contractors that are based on mutual trust and respect, and on strict compliance with applicable law.

The SyV Group selects its suppliers impartially and objectively. In that regard, employees base the selection processes on cost and quality criteria, avoiding any conflicts between personal and company interests.

Moreover, Sacyr Vallehermoso strives to extend to its main suppliers its social and environmental commitments. Its purpose here is to meet two fundamental objectives: to foster a more responsible management approach among its suppliers and to ensure that it shares essential values with them, in turn achieving a more fluid and stable relationship.

The main mechanisms available in pursuit of these objectives are:

• Extension of the Code of Conduct to suppliers: the SyV Group distributes the contents of this Code to suppliers and promotes adhesion to the ethical values and basic principles of behaviour it sets out (equal opportunities, non-discrimination, occupational health and safety, protection of the environment, etc.).

• The Group requires its main suppliers to accept the SyV quality and environment policy. One of the core principles of this policy is to lock in a select team of partners, subcontractors and suppliers that respect the environment and to integrate these parties into the Sacyr Vallehermoso quality and environmental policy”.

• Sacyr Vallehermoso has a specific policy to ensure that subcontractors are fully informed and monitored with regard to occupational health and safety.

• SyV Group purchasing managers systematically add clauses to contracts to ensure that suppliers behave in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

• The environmental performance of partners is assessed while they are providing a service and upon completion of the service.