07. Commitment to the Community

Donations and social projects

Unidad de Madres “Jaime Garralda”. Madrid

The SyV Group contributes to community development and well-being through its social projects, which encompass a broad range of philanthropic initiatives.

During 2011, the Sacyr Vallehermoso Group helped to develop various community projects, which can be split into seven different categories:

• Healthcare and social care
• Development aid
• Art and culture
• Sports initiatives
• Community socio-economic development
• Initiatives linked to the Group’s business

Some of the main social initiatives undertaken by the SyV Group in 2011 are outlined below.

Art and culture

Silos Foundation

Donation of funds to contribute to this foundation’s purposes. Contribution to cover the costs of equipment for the recently restored Convento de San Francisco as the head office for the Silos Foundation and its activities.

Príncipe de Asturias Foundation

Economic contribution and the Chairman of the SyV Group sits on the Board of this Foundation.

Regulation Studies Foundation

Economic contribution and collaboration in publishing the book honouring legal specialist, Gaspar Ariño.

Menéndez Pelayo International University

Economic contribution and collaboration on summer courses. Magdalena Palace. Santander.

Seville Royal Symphonic Orchestra

Sponsorship of its regular concert season.

Development aid

Chile-Spain Foundation

Economic contribution and member of its Board of trustees. Promoting development initiatives in Chile.

Carolina Foundation

Economic contribution and member of its Board of trustees. Promoting development initiatives in Latin America.

Healthcare and social care

MENA congress

Economic contribution to help carry out its activities and social initiatives.

ASTRAPACE, association for treating cerebral palsy patients

Economic contribution to help carry out its activities and social initiatives.

Ministry of Defence – Herat Base (Afghanistan)

Donation in kind consisting of purchasing winter clothing for the Afghan population in the territory protected by the Spanish army based at Herat.

Casa de los niños del Mundo

Economic contribution to help carry out its activities and social initiatives.

Lorca Town Council (Murcia)

Economic donation and technical aid following the earthquake which took place in this town.

Action Aid

Economic contribution to help carry out the “healthy childhood” project.

Centro Español de Solidaridad Foundation

Collaboration on the “Reyes Magos 2011” Christmas campaign

Initiatives linked to the SyV Group’s business

National Centre of excellence in desalination (Australia)

Work on the study entitled “Best practice governance arrangements for the delivery of urban water security through desalination and water for mining-community responses to new institutional arrangements and pricing”. In collaboration with the University of South Australia.

Sporting Activities

Entreculturas Foundation

Collaboration through voluntary work and sponsorship of the first city race entitled “Run for a cause, run for education” (“Corre por una causa, corre por la educación”) organised to help promote literacy in the Ambriz region of Angola.

Socio-economic development of the community

The “We Do the Impossible” Sacyr Prizes (Hacemos lo imposible):

Second year of Innovation prizes awarded by the Group:

Sacyr Prizes: The “We Do the Impossible” Sacyr Prizes were set up by the Sacyr Group and are directed by the scientist, thinker and populariser Eduardo Punset, who chairs the panel of judges and acts as the mouthpiece for the prizes in partnership with the Chairman of Sacyr, Luis del Rivero.

The prizes are intended to recognise, stimulate and reward key values like innovation, creativity and ingenuity. They enhance the winners’ reputations by publicising their work, and so help their projects to develop and get off the ground. The “We Do the Impossible” concept rewards projects that undertake ambitious challenges to push out the boundaries of present knowledge. The prizes recognise achievement in four different fields: Technological research, environmental innovation, technological and economic innovation journalism and citizen project management.

The winner in each of the four categories receives a diploma and an €18,000 cash prize. In 2011, the four prizes of the first staging of this initiative were awarded.

The winning projects were:

• Category 1: Technological and environmental innovation

The winning project was an EXTREME WIND ENVIRONMENTAL SIMULATOR presented by Jose Mª Terrés-Nicoli researcher from the Oritia and Boreas Group in Granada. This application consists of a simulator to study the effects of wind on different systems (civil engineering, building, environmental, renewable energy, sport sciences, leisure or health), capable of reproducing differential and cutting spins typical of the three-dimensional nature of the flow (thermal breezes, complex topography winds, low level jets, downbursts, tornados). The considerable dimensions of an adaptable test section allow us, for example, to adequately model the topography for the appropriate prospecting of wind resources. Furthermore, other climate variables can be controlled through the installation of a heat exchanger and vapour and drying injection system for climate control.

• Category 2: Education for Innovation

BRINGING ABOUT A CHANGE OF CULTURE. SOCIAL ENTERPRISE, ETHICS AND VALUES IN ENGINEERING, was the winning project submitted by a team from the School of Mining (Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Minas) of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, made up by Belén Flor Ortiz, Ana García Laso Domingo, Martín Sánchez and Emilio Muñoz Ruíz. The prizewinners of this project aim to awaken the individual’s enterprising spirit, considering the individual the centre of all action, and that institutions and entities should be built for people, not the other way around.

• Category 3: Technological and economic innovation journalism

The winner was the programme ON A GIANT’S SHOULDERS (A HOMBROS DE GIGANTES), a Science programme broadcast by Spanish National Radio, directed by Manuel Seara and which includes reports and interviews informing listeners of scientific breakthroughs.

• Category 4: Citizen project management

In the Citizen Project Management section, the winning project was MINIMISATION OF ELECTROMAGNETIC CONTAMINATION PRODUCED BY NEW MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS INSTALLATIONS IN URBAN ENVIRONMENTS BY MEANS OF EVOLUTIONARY COMPUTING TECHNIQUES. Project presented by a team from the University of Álcala de Henares, whose purpose is to develop a software application for Managing New Mobile Telecommunication Sites in Urban Environments.