07. Commitment to the Community

Our activity as a growth driver

The Sacyr Vallehermoso Group sees itself as an integral part of the communities in which it does business, and as such is committed to encouraging and fostering economic, social and cultural development in these communities, respecting and promoting human rights and ensuring the protection of the natural environment. These commitments are the core guidelines steering the SyV Group’s responsibility to society.

All companies should be guided by the desire to create value in their community. However, this takes on particular importance in the case of the Sacyr Vallehermoso Group, given that, due to the nature of its activities, it is an important driver of social and economic growth.

Group companies are involved in numerous activities, often in conjunction with public entities, that directly improve the communities in which they operate. This is the case of construction and maintenance of public infrastructures (roadways, medical centres, airports, etc.), residential construction, energy generation from renewable sources, and water supply and treatment activities, to name but a few examples.

Through its activities, Sacyr Vallehermoso contributes to linking geographic areas, strengthening society and the economy, and in short, improving quality of life in these areas.

Sacyr Vallehermoso, a world leader in infrastructure investment

According to Public Works Financing, the concession industry’s leading trade magazine, the SyV Group, via its subsidiary Sacyr Concesiones, was one of the world’s leading companies in 2011 by number of concessions and concession investment volume.

Drinking water produced by desalination

Sadyt, a SyV Group subsidiary, designs, builds, operates and maintains water treatment systems.

Today, it is the leading company in the reverse osmosis segment, and has major projects in progress or under development in Spain, Algeria, Australia and Israel. Sadyt helps bring water to areas where it is scarce, and raises the quality of available water resources.