08. Commitment to the environment


Pasarela sobre el río Miño. Lugo

Respect for the environment is a key value at Sacyr Vallehermoso, as set out in our environment policy. That is why the Group makes a major effort to avoid or minimise the impact of its activities.

The SyV Group’s biodiversity strategy is therefore to prevent any impact on biodiversity and, where this is impracticable, to research and implement the measures best suited to each scenario on the basis of the necessary form of protection and the activity at hand so as to minimise its impact.

SyV Group activities that may have impacts on biodiversity are generally part of projects already requiring Environmental Impact Statements or other legally-mandated protection measures (e.g. environmental certification). The preventative measures applicable to each project are thus defined, ensuring that possible environmental impacts will be limited.

In addition to complying with all legally-imposed protection obligations, Sacyr Vallehermoso includes technical and environmental improvements in all of the activities it performs.

These are especially important in protected areas or areas of high biodiversity (e.g. natural parks, special bird protection areas –SPAs-, sites of community importance –SCI-). Through these efforts, the Group aims to ensure the utmost control of its activities, helping prevent and limit any impacts on biodiversity.

The potential impacts on diversity are reduced to negligible levels by implementing and monitoring preventative measures, applying environmental best practice, training actions and continuously tracking the activities carried out (visits to and audits of work centres). The table below sets out the measures taken in 2011 to prevent or minimise the impact of the SyV Group’s activities in protected natural areas.

Espacios protegidos Espacios protegidos Espacios protegidos

Because of their special nature, the environment and multi-services activities included in the Valoriza services area are not carried out in high ecological value areas or areas with any kind of protection. Nevertheless, as we can see in the table below, there are three protected areas in which it is currently operating.

The rest of the SyV Group’s business areas in Spain, i.e., property development and property rentals, energy and water activity in Valoriza, and the services area, water and waste business of Somague, do not carry out business in any protected area or high biodiversity area.

In 2011, activities were undertaken in high biodiversity areas; equivalent measures to those taken in protected areas were introduced here. Work was performed and services provided in 2011 that affected the habitats of vegetable and animal species under some degree of threat. To avoid or at least minimise the impacts on these species, studies are made prior to executing each stage of the work that could interfere with their habitats. These studies assess the degree of impact, if any, and depending on the results, the protective measures to be taken are then determined.