08. Commitment to the environment

Sustainable Development of activities

The SyV Group is aware of the various impacts each of its businesses may have. This chapter of the report, Commitment to the Environment, lists the actions taken by the SyV Group in each field of activity to mitigate the environmental impact of its business.

The Environmental Management Systems (EMS) installed in its work centres enables the SyV Group to interact with the environment in which it operates via specific initiatives and activities designed to prevent, minimise and/ or offset undesirable outcomes of controllable environmental impacts.

Given the size of the reporting entity, this report cannot cover all measures to prevent, minimise and/or compensate for undesired effects of controllable environmental impacts for each and every construction project or service. Therefore, in this report in general and, specifically, in the chapter titled Commitment to the Environment, we have described the SyV Group’s environmental approach from the perspective of the company’s attitude and performance across its activities as a whole, rather than with reference to isolated instances.