08. Commitment to the environment

Day-to-day environmental management

Organisational structure of environmental management functions

The Quality and Environment Department reports directly to the Head of Innovation and operates as a corporate area at the highest level of the organisation.

The Quality and Environment Department’s operations affect all the Group’s business areas, and this is directly reflected in its organisational structure.

The Department’s geographical structure is designed to provide technical support to every SyV Group business.

One of the Department’s hallmarks is thus the wide diversity of interests and needs it is called on to cater for in its day-to-day work.

The wide range of departmental roles is reflected in its team of highly diverse and versatile professionals, which in 2011 is made up of:

- Construction and Services (Spain): 77 people
- Construction (Chile): 7 people.
- Construction (Portugal): 9 people
- Services (Portugal):: 5 people.

A group of professionals with broadly different profiles, making up multi-disciplinary teams. In Sacyr Chile, the unit currently comprises.

Operation of the Environmental Management System

The Group’s Environmental Quality and Management System is tailored to the needs of each work centre according to the activity carried out on the basis of an Environmental Quality and Management Plan covering the following:

• Identification and assessment of environmental aspects.
• Resources and controls necessary to monitor environmental aspects.
• Identification of objectives.
• Legal, procedural and client-specific requirements.

Every year, the company establishes plans and programmes in which targets and goals are defined quantified by the constituent companies.

The operation of the Environmental Management System is assessed by means of regular visits and audits at each of the Group’s work centres. The aim of these is to determine whether the System is meeting the targets established, operating efficiently, reliable, satisfies the Group’s stated Quality and Environmental Policy, etc.

The installations of Valoriza Energía are audited by the administrators to verify compliance with the Integrated Environmental Permit. Specifically, these audits are used to check documentary control and control of emissions (air, water, soil).

The information thus collected is periodically translated into indicators that are used for analysis and as a source of reference for the organisation when taking decisions and setting new objectives.

In 2011, 85 documents underlying the SyV Group quality management and environmental management systems were updated and 23 documents were created from scratch, making for a total of 108 documents. These efforts support the ongoing improvement of the processes and tools on which the systems are based. The number of documents has been maintained compared to the 2010 figure.

System documentation is available to the entire organisation over the SyV Group’s internal online environment and IT applications.