08. Commitment to the environment

Sacyr Vallehermoso and environmental responsibility

Within the global economic crisis of the past few years, Sacyr Vallehermoso is more committed than ever to a model of responsible management that helps our society and economy to progress through sustainable development.

In this sense, the company’s commitment to the environment remains a key factor in its activities.

The SyV Group’s aim is to conduct its business in a manner that enables us:

• To comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, and all customer and user prerequisites that the SyV Group is required to satisfy. This is borne out by the 1,729 statutory provisions of environmental law that apply to the SyV Group’s various activities.

• To plan and execute activities in an orderly, rational and defect-free manner, reducing the impact on the environment.

• To improve waste management, applying the proper methods for reducing, recovering and recycling waste and ensuring that non-recoverable waste is properly disposed of.

• To prevent pollution throughout the environment (subterranean and surface waters, soils, atmosphere).

• To maintain fluid communications with customers to meet their needs, requirements and expectations, maximising their satisfaction and building loyalty. To enhance communication with the public administrations, neighbourhood associations and non-governmental organisations on environmental issues of common interest.

• To encourage employees to adopt quality procedures and use the most environmentallyappropriate techniques and products, without undermining creativity or innovations that could arise as part of the ongoing system improvement process.

• To reduce natural resource consumption by using recycled and/or recyclable materials.

• To promote energy saving.

• To improve atmospheric emissions control (dust, gases and noise)

• To build a team of chosen partners whose quality and environmental criteria are aligned with those of the SyV Group.

• To ensure ongoing improvements.

Note: The quality and environment policy was reviewed and updated in 2011.