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23/10/2014WORKS VISITGUPC transports the first gate from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
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21/07/2014AGREEMENTSSacyr Industrial enters Mexico with the construction of electricity infrastructures valued at 16 million dollars
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16/04/2014PRIZESCeremony of the 4th edition of the Sacyr Innovation Awards
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11/04/2014AWARDSThe winners of the 4th Sacyr innovation awards have been announced
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04/04/2014AWARDSSacyr industrial to build a cement plant in Bolivia for 244 million dollars.
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25/03/2014WORKS VISITAna Pastor, visited Pontevedra Station on the High-Speed Atlantic Corridor rail line to see how the infrastructure works are progressing.
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17/03/2014AGREEMENTSThe agreement reached reaffirms Sacyr's commitment to the Panama Canal project
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14/03/2014AGREEMENTSGUPC and ACP sign agreement for completion of Third Set of Locks for Panama Canal expansion
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13/03/2014INAUGURATIONSThe prime minister of Cabo Verde and Portugal´s minister of agriculture inaugurate the works to extend praia port (Cabo Verde)
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7/10/2014Sacyr is awarded a new contract in Sao Paulo (Brazil) for 490 million euros... +info 30/7/2014Sacyr earns 62 million euros through June and reduces corporate debt by 41%... +info

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