El Club Deportivo Sacyr Colombia participó en la Night Race Enel X 2024

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iFRIDAY (January 2023)

All about Twitch: Innovation and Entertainment

Discover how Twitch has revolutionised content consumption on the Internet with its innovative formula.

iFRIDAY (February 2023)

Research in the key of women

This session delves into the presence and contributions of women within the research field.

iFRIDAY (March 2023)

Innovation as a driver of transformation

We talk about how innovation is transforming this sector and learn more about Ford's innovation model.

iFRIDAY (April 2023)

Clean Cities with an Innovative Approach

We talk about how innovation is transforming waste collection and cleaning services in cities, moving towards a more sustainable and committed model.

iFRIDAY (May 2023)

Innovation applied to law

We talk about how innovation is changing more traditional sectors such as law and the legal profession.

iFRIDAY (September 2023)

Brushstrokes of innovation in art: from paintings to NFTs

In this session, we learn how the way paint is made and consumed has been transformed by new technologies.

iFRIDAY (October 2023)

Innovation and Inclusion: A More Accessible Future

We talk about how Innovation improves the autonomy and quality of life of people with disabilities.

iFRIDAY (November 2023)

AI in spanish: When innovation speaks your language

In this session we discover the importance of language when training Artificial Intelligence models.

iFRIDAY (January 2024)

Advertising with an accent on innovation

We learned how marketing and advertising has evolved thanks to the use of AI, generating a significant impact on the way brands connect with their audiences.

iFRIDAY (February 2024)

Women, entrepreneurship and innovation: The road ahead.

We talk about the role of women in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship and how the creation of women's networks helps to drive that innovation.

iFRIDAY (March 2024)

Circular economy at the center of innovation.

We learned about new models of waste recovery from CIEC in order to maximize the available resources so that they remain as long as possible in the production cycle.

iFriday (April 2024)

Product and ideas in innovation, key at Mahou-San Miguel

Our April 2024 iFriday was all about innovation in the beer production sector, featuring two speakers from Mahou-San Miguel, a benchmark beer brewer in Spain.


Integrated Sustainability Report

Check our management and performance in terms of sustainability.

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We promote the use of desalinated water in agriculture

We promote the use of desalinated water for agriculture and innovate to bring solutions to the primary sector that improve agricultural production with more efficient water usage.

In Spain, 23% of the national desalinated water production is allocated to agriculture. Sacyr has been one of the drivers of this usage, with desalination plants that have contributed to the significant growth of agriculture in Murcia and Almeria. 

Currently, Sacyr is one of the top 10 largest producers of desalinated water in the world.  Our facilities supply water to 14.6 million people across the globe, positioning ourselves as one of the main producers of desalinated water in Spain. Thanks to our technology and innovation, many small farmers can successfully carry out such an important activity.

Among other projects, Sacyr Water manages desalination plants in Águilas-Guadalentín (Murcia), Alcudia (Mallorca), Alicante, and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Would you like to know how we bring added value to agriculture? 


Innovation at the service of agriculture

To demonstrate the advantages of using desalinated water in agriculture, we have developed several innovation projects. 

One of the most prominent is Live Deseacrop, with which we increase the production and quality of tomatoes in hydroponic and soilless crops using desalinated water. This technology substantially reduces water consumption. Through the SOS Agua XXI project, we also study tech solutions that allow us to optimize the use of this scarce resource in agriculture.

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Restauramos una antigua cantera en el proyecto ferroviario del AVE de Palencia

Construimos para ADIF el tramo Palencia Norte – Amusco de la línea ferroviaria Palencia – Aguilar de Campoo y desarrollamos la restauración medioambiental de la antigua Mina de San Antolín

Estamos construyendo para Adif Alta Velocidad la plataforma ferroviaria, de 20,85km, del tramo Palencia Norte-Amusco de la Línea de Alta Velocidad Palencia-Aguilar de Campoo (Palencia). 

Al comienzo de las obras, el equipo encargado del proyecto detectó a menos 500 metros de la plataforma ferroviaria, la Mina de San Antolín, una antigua explotación minera cercana a la localidad de Monzón de Campos. A este hueco minero, se podrían trasladar 585.000 toneladas de tierras limpias excedentes en la obra.

A partir de ahí comenzó el trabajo de nuestro equipo para coordinar la restauración con Adif AV, con el servicio territorial de Minas y Servicio de Medioambiente de la Junta de Castilla y León y con el propietario de la finca.



de tierras limpias


toneladas de GEI




de superficia agraria recuperada

Restauramos una antigua explotación minera en Palencia

Triple impacto positivo

Con este proyecto de restauración medioambiental hemos logrado un triple impacto positivo:

  1. Recuperamos aproximadamente tres hectáreas de superficie agraria
  2. Evitamos la emisión de más de 1.000 toneladas de gases de efecto invernadero
  3. Aportamos un beneficio social a los habitantes de Fuentes de Valdepero, Villaumbrales y Monzón de Campos y el resto de los municipios de la zona que no estarán expuestos a los inconvenientes que suponen los traslados de tierras.
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