We are growing in this country's infrastructures market through twelve large-scale projects currently in development and eight already completed.

Our divisions are operating at full speed

Some of Peru's most emblematic projects bear our hallmark. We built two central venues for the Pan American and Parapan American Games in Lima 2019 and we expanded Repsol’s La Pampilla refinery.

We are currently working on a second runway for Lima Airport and, through Convial Sierra Norte, we manage an 875 km stretch of the concession highway Carretera Longitudinal de la Sierra, section 2. We are paving the way in road conservation, with 1,400 km of roadways.

In figures



Roads being build, repaired and maintained in the country.

> 7


Beneficiaries of projects completed and underway.



Built in sporting, industrial, and hospital infrastructures



completed or underway

We are growing with Peru

We are also helping to improve air quality, contributing to the production of cleaner fuels, and training thousands of people in road safety, hygiene, health, and environmental conservation. 


Allan Gutiérrez, a family-oriented leader

Allan Gutiérrez started working at Sacyr in 2015 as a supervisor for the reconditioning and improvement of Concesionaria Vial Sierra Norte. Six years later, he is the manager of the road conservation project Vial Rutas del Cusco 2.



Anabelen, a story of growth and achievement

She accepted the challenge to work as a CAD drafter on this project, and she has now moved onwards and upwards as head of Quality and Environment.



Our volunteers from Sacyr Peru

Our volunteers from Sacyr Peru help 1,400 people to access safe drinking water in Huancavelica (Peru) in collaboration with Ayuda en Acción

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In this country, we develop world class road, rail, hospital and airport infrastructures.

Projects that improve quality of life for the people of Mexico

In 2019, we completed several projects that will boost Mexico's economic development and improve quality of life there. These include the repair of 183 km of roads that are part of the main road access connecting the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean, and the expansion of Terminal 2 at Mexico City International Airport. The projects also included 21.5 km of light rail tracks in Guadalajara, and 250 beds for more than 1 million patients at the Hospital General ISSSTE in Tláhuac.

In figures



In hospital facilities



Of roads repaired



Of railway infrastructure



Contributing to infrastructure development in Mexico

We are building bonds against Covid-19

We have joined forces with Ayuda en Acción México to buy and deliver food parcels and personal protection kits to the community of Singuilucan, in the state of Hidalgo.

The aim of this donation was to support the most vulnerable people by supplying food to meet their basic needs. We also wanted to promote good hygiene habits and self care to fight against Covid-19.

The total amount donated by Fundación Sacyr was 500,000, equivalent to 20,000 euros.

This money supports 200 families and a total of 850 people in the communities of La Gloria (El Susto), La Lagunita, Las Palomas, Matías Rodríguez, Aguayutla, Tecoaco and Jalapilla, all located in the state of Hidalgo.



With a total investment of close to 3 billion dollars, we have consolidated our status as one of the leading companies in the country’s infrastructure and P3 sector.

We improve the quality of life of Colombians

We first entered the Colombian market in 1997. In 2012, we consolidated our position by embarking on our first projects. We currently have more than ten projects across the country and are always on the lookout for new business opportunities.

Our presence in Colombia has created more than 13,000 jobs in our areas of influence, offering our employees the chance to improve their skills and grow professionally. 

In figures



Of road projects



Direct and indirect



Of direct investment



Our history in Colombia

We lead the infrastructures sector in Colombia

Sacyr set up as a Colombian company originating in Spain, with an investment of close to 3 billion dollars. For more than 20 years, we have been firmly committed to developing the country’s infrastructure, working on more than ten P3 and engineering initiatives and providing services in nine departments.

We have always prioritized the recruitment of local talent in the execution of more than 500 kilometers of roads and civil engineering works, which have improved connectivity and economic development throughout Colombia.


We deliver 35 homes in Sopetran

This donation from Devimar benefits 122 people of the black communities of Tafetanes and Guaymaral

We are proud to contribute to the communities and improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of our areas of operation.


Women in the Pamplona-Cúcuta project (Colombia)


We have a strong commitment to our collaborators. Diversity and inclusion make us stronger and give us added value


‘Adriana, an example of personal and professional development for women at Sacyr’

Become acquainted with Adriana Rivera, the first female Operation and Maintenance General Manager at the Montes de María Road Concessionaire in Colombia.



Sacyr’s first employee in Colombia

Edgar Augusto Mendoza Chapeta is the current director of Operations and Maintenance at Unión Vial Río Pamplonita.



We are improving transport infrastructures with Uruguay’s Ferrocarril Central railroad network and by remodeling the 21-24 road corridor.

We provide quick and safe transport links between Paso de los Toros and Montevideo

Uruguay was incorporated into our map back in 2015, when a consortium led by Sacyr secured the contract for the Rutas 21 and 24 road corridor concession.  

In 2019, we won the most important public-private investment project in the history of the country: Uruguay’s Ferrocarril Central railroad network. This project connects the city of Paso de los Toros to Montevideo port. It will cut journey times on this strategic route by half. 

In figures



The length of the 21-24 road corridor.



The steel required to build 273 km of tracks for the Ferrocarril Central railroad network



Estimated journey time from Paso de los Toros to Montevideo. Less than half the time it takes currently



Created directly and indirectly through the development of the railroad project

Promoting the development and structural organization of the country

Transport infrastructures provide structure and cohesion to a country and generate wealth in the area. The Public-Private partnership working on the Rutas 21 and 24 highways will develop a fundamental pillar in Uruguay’s transport links. These roads are the main corridor for the west coast, concentrating 50% of private vehicle movement in Uruguay.

The Ferrocarril Central is one of the most important railroad projects undertaken in the history of Sacyr, and we are participating through the consortium Grupo Vial Central (GVC). The budget for this project is 1 billion euros and will span 18 years (3 years of construction and 15 years of maintenance).

The road is expected to open fully in 2022 and it has already received numerous awards. These include the prestigious IJ Global award for its finance model. 



The Edinburgh tram, Ulster University, and the A-6 road Dungiven-Drumahoe are a few of our biggest projects in the UK.

Operating in this important market since 2015 

Road, rail, and unique construction projects in accordance with the highest quality and efficiency standards. In the UK, we create infrastructures that stand out also in terms of their innovation and sustainability. We carry out strategic projects with the collaboration of all our stakeholders: society, public and private administrations, local businesses, and non-profits, among others.

The total investment in the UK is now greater than 300 million euros. A figure that is set to increase with the arrival of new challenges. 

In figures



Our revenue portfolio grows with new projects



Of roads and expressways built







Cutting-edge sustainable projects

We have only recently entered the UK market, but our presence here is already defined by significant large-scale projects. We have built the second phase of the new Belfast campus, creating a more responsive space to the challenges of education in the future.

We have also built a new 4.7 km section of the Edinburgh light rail or tram network, between York Place and Newhaven, and improved the road network in Northern Ireland by building the A6 road between Dungiven and Drumahoe. 



We began operating in Qatar in 2013. Since then, we have developed various projects with a total budget of more than 700 million euros.

We are growing in a strategic market

Our portfolio in Qatar includes crucial infrastructures projects that strengthen our position in this country. Currently, Sacyr Ingeniería e Infraestructuras, our engineering and infrastructures division, is carrying out urban development projects in the south of the capital city of Doha, for 114 million euros.

In 2015, we secured a contract to design and build the QEZ-1 (Qatar Economic Zone 1) residential district and its sewerage system, in Ras Bufontas, south east of Doha.

In figures



Total investment in the country



Created directly by the Sacyr Group activity in the country



Residential and hydraulic infrastructure



Sewage pipes in Ras Bufontas

Specialists in hydraulic engineering

As part of the urban development project for QEZ-1 (Qatar Economic Zone 1), we successfully completed the engineering work required to collect and treat sewage in Ras Bufontas, south east of Doha. The total investment was 407 million euros.

This project involves building a new sewage pipe, 2.7 km long (30 sewer holes), along with a new pumping station and drive pipes, among other improvements.

The urban development works carried out in QEZ-1 spanned an area of approximately 4.1 km2, positioned as a logistics and advanced technology hub in the region.



Our history is linked to Portugal. In this country, we develop infrastructures, provide services, and manage hospital concessions at the highest level.

Some of Portugal’s most important infrastructures bear our hallmark

For more than 70 years, the construction firm Somague, part of Sacyr Somague, has been developing major road, port, and sporting infrastructures in Portugal. The extension of Lisbon’s red subway line, the construction of the Basílica da Santíssima Trindade church in Fátima, and the building of the Estadio da Luz sports stadium are just three of its most emblematic projects.

In figures



The portfolio of projects in Portugal is strengthened through new contracts



Of steel required to build 273 km of tracks for the Central Railway network



We manage three P3 hospitals in Portugal



Capacity of the hospitals in Braga, Vila Franca de Xira and Isla Terceira.

Experts in overcoming challenges

At Sacyr, we know how to successfully tackle complex building and concessional management projects. In Portugal, leading examples include the Vasco da Gama bridge in Lisbon, the second longest in Europe, spanning 12.3 km in length. More recently, we built the Foz Tua hydroelectricity plant (Bragança), which received The Year in Infrastructure 2018 award in the Energy Generation category.

We are also a leading company in the railroad construction sector. We are currently working on several projects, including a 40 km segment of the International South Corridor rail network.

In the P3 business, we currently manage three hospitals in Portugal: Braga, Vila de Xira and Isla Terceira, covering a total surface area of 240,000 square meters.



We develop one of the most important road projects in the country: constructing and operating the Ruta PY 02 highway.

The PY 02 is the most important road corridor in the country

The Ruta PY 02 highway, which will connect Asunción and Ciudad del Este, traverses the Central, Cordillera and Alto Paraná departments, and is a key project for the development of Paraguay. This corridor concentrates 65% of the country’s population and 70% of its economic activity. This project, 76% brownfield and 24% greenfield, executed through Sacyr Concesiones, will allow traffic to circulate more fluidly and safely. 

In figures



The route of the Ruta PY 02 highway connecting Paraguay's major cities.



Will enjoy a more comfortable and safer car journey every day.



The concession term runs from 2017 until 2047.



A major investment to improve this corridor.

A partnership to promote development

The PY 02 was the first Public-Private Partnership (p3) project we undertook in Paraguay. Its development is vital for the growth of Paraguay’s private sector, and it will draw in private capital from abroad. It will also bring new professional opportunities for companies and workers. 

The consortium developing the project, called Rutas del Este, is led by Sacyr Concesiones and also involves Ocho A. 

PY 02

A new environment for roadside vendors in Caaguazú

At Km 173 on this highway, Rutas del Este has created a service area for the 74 vendors who previously sold their goods at the side of the road. 




In this country, we undertake huge scale projects for road and rail infrastructures, as well as hospital building

A portfolio valued at more than 11 billion euros

In Italy, we operate by way of our subsidiary SIS, developing highly-technical supporting and sustainable projects. These are large-scale construction works, like the Palermo tram, a segment of the A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria highway, the doubling of the Palermo–Orleans–Carini tramline section, or the road between Cesena and Claviere carry the Sacyr brand.

In figures



Our revenue portfolio



Benefited from our projects



of roads built



Improving transport and social infrastructures

A relevant market for Sacyr

We are present in Italy since 2003, by way of infrastructures and road P3, with high-technological capacity and a firm commitment to sustainability and efficiency. The Pedemontana-Veneta highway is one of our most notable interventions. It is the gratest road concession in the world and one of the contracts with the highest gross investment. This project, along with others underway, like the Policlinico, Mangiagalli and Regina Elena Hospital of Milan, give added value to our activity in Italy. 



We have a very strong presence in Ireland and extensive experience building and managing transport infrastructures.

We are growing in the P3 market

The Irish market is a key region in the group’s P3 strategy. Currently, our P3 division, Sacyr Concesiones, manages the N-6 toll road, a 56-km road, which represents an investment of more than 300 million euros.

We have also carried out other important road projects, such as the expansion of the M-50 and sections of the N-7.

In figures



Of roads built



Total investment



For road infrastructures in the country



Reduction in journey time along the N-6



We are expanding into the Brazilian market with railway construction projects valued at 854 million euros.

Experts in civil engineering infrastructures

We first came to Brazil in 2001, and we have built a strong presence in the country over the years. We have secured three major railway engineering contracts and have successfully completed large scale projects for transport infrastructure, residential building, and hydraulic engineering works, among others. Thanks to our energy and know-how, we have gained the trust of a globally strategic market.

In figures



of railway track (18.9 tunnels)



Total passengers per day



Total investment



Awarded for construction

Experience, competitiveness, and confidence

We currently manage three major railway projects in Brazil valued at more than 850 million euros. In Sao Paulo, we are expanding the No. 2 Metro Line, extending it by 8.3 km, and adding eight stations. We are also developing sections 1 and 2 of the North-South railway line, which improves connections to the north of the country. Lastly, we are building the Eastern Metro Line in Fortaleza, one of the most visited tourist destinations in Brazil.


We are improving mobility in Sao Paulo 

The expansion of the Number 2 Metro Line in Sao Paulo is one of our most ambitious projects in Brazil. This line will carry 377,000 passengers a day.




Our commitment to sustainable innovation in this country makes our projects market leaders in water and waste treatment.

Innovation is our hallmark

We believe in innovation as a responsible and sustainable business management model. In Australia, we develop infrastructures capable of exponentially improving processes such as waste treatment or comprehensive water cycle management. We currently run four projects in Australia: the Melbourne Waste Treatment Plant, the Adelaide Irrigation Scheme, the Binningup Desalination Plant, and the Neerabup Drinking Water Treatment Plant.

In figures



Total investment in the country



Managed to improve water and waste treatment



Used by the Perth Metropolitan Area comes from the Binningup desalination plant supply



of waste treated per year at the Melbourne waste treatment plant  


Our first steps in Australia

The Binningup Desalination Plant, in Perth, is one of our star projects in Australia. In fact, winning this contract opened the door to this strategic market for us. This desalination plant has been operating for over 10 years and is recognized as one of the best in the world, winning the title ‘Desalination Plant of the Year’ in 2012.




We have been present in this strategic market, where we develop P3 and construction projects, since 2018.

We bring our experience in the building and management of infrastructures

We love a challenge, and entering the US market was one of the milestones defined within our Strategic Plan 2015-2020. In 2018, we secured our first building contract in this country: to extend the SR82 highway in the State of Florida. Since then, we have developed a further five road building projects in the states of Florida and Texas.

In 2020, we secured our first P3: the management of the University of Idaho's utility systems. At Sacyr, we are prepared to tackle many of the challenges that the United States face in the 21st century. 

In figures



Secured since we entered the US market in 2018.



We have worked on different projects in Florida, Idaho and Texas



University of Idaho utility system project



Construction backlog

New market, new challenge

The United States are one of our ‘priority’ markets according to the Strategic Plan 2021-2025. So we are always alert for any opportunities that might arise in the P3 sector, where we are global market leaders.

The US has a major investment deficit in infrastructures, roads, housing, urban transport, and renewable energies, among others. So private-public partnerships (P3) are essential for the development of such projects. Here at Sacyr, we are ready, willing, and able to respond to many of the challenges that the United States face in the 21st century.



Our company was founded in Spain in 1986 Since then, we have built infrastructures, provided services and managed infrastructure concessions and circular economy projects.

Experts in complex projects

Some of this country’s most recognizable infrastructures bear our hallmark. We have constructed huge buildings along with road, rail, airport, hydraulic and port infrastructures. The Torre Sacyr building in Madrid, Terminal 4 at Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport, several sections of the high speed railway, Valencia port, Las Pedrizas toll road, and the Seville subway system are a few of our most relevant projects.

In figures



Our portfolio of revenue is growing with new projects



Of roads and expressways built



In newly built or renovated hospitals



Our team is diverse and highly qualified

Overcoming challenges since 1986

We are part of people’s lives in Spain. In Spain, we have built over 400 km of high speed railway lines, 4.5 billion euros invested in building highways and toll roads, more than 1.8 billion euros in airport works, hospital projects for more than 2 billion euros, hydraulic engineering works for more than 1 billion euros, and port projects representing an investment of 500 million euros.

We have road infrastructure concessions through which 145,000 vehicles pass every day (in the 8 expressways we manage in Spain alone), stretching over 446 km. Hospital and transport infrastructures add tremendous value to our activity. Furthermore, through Sacyr Agua, we supply water to more than a million people in Spain.

Through a team of more than 21,000 people, we provide services in over 400 municipalities and offer home help to more than 30,000 people. Our Facility Management services allowed us to become the first ever integrated contracts operator in the hospital sector. Finally, our restaurant brand, Cafestore, is the third largest roadside restaurant operator in Spain.


We promote gender equality in Algeciras Hospital

Sacyr Facilities, concessionaire of the hospital’s cleaning services, puts an equality plan in motion alongside its workers.

Sacyr Services

Suly, a smile from Senegal to Sacyr Services Soria

Today we get to know Suly, the supervisor of the Valoriza Medioambiente recycling drop-off point in Soria. He arrived in Spain 14 years ago and has won over the people of this Castilian city. Today he tells us his personal story.




First construction contracts, with the horizon set in the infrastructure concessions market

Railway construction

Sacyr entered the Canadian market in March 2021 with its first two construction projects. Sacyr Engineering and Infrastructures, with local partner Ledcor, will expand the platform of the fourth track of the Lakeshore East-West (LSEW) rail corridor in Toronto.

Throughout the development of these projects, Sacyr and Ledcor will work with the communities within the project’s scope of activity, abiding by the highest sustainability standards, and maximum respect for the environment and biodiversity.

With these contracts, Sacyr progresses in line with the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan roadmap to grow in North American markets.





The Sohar desalination plant, built and managed by Sacyr, can supply over 200,000 people with water. 

We are opening up an ocean of possibilities thanks to desalination

Our presence in Oman is linked to desalination, an activity in which we are an international market leader. In 2019, we launched our seawater desalination plant in Soha, on the coast of Al Batinah. This reverse osmosis plant is the second largest in the country. It can produce 250,000 m3 water a day and currently supplies close to 220,000 people.

In figures



Long-term operation of Sohar



Seawater desalinated every day



invested in its development



supplied with water from the desalination plant

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